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Mary & Sam | Overton Square + Memphis Botanic Garden | Memphis Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Hello world! I recently decided I wanted to start blogging to make things a little more personal with you guys! It's one thing to show you photos, but it's a whole other ball game bringing storytelling into the mix (especially when I'm the one trying to tell the story lolol)

What better way to introduce the blog than to kick it off with an engagement session?! Love it!

Nathan and I recently had the absolute pleasure of photographing Mary and Sam's engagement photos in celebration of their upcoming June 2021 wedding!

We decided to do things a little different and split their session up into two dates for some added variety!

We started out at the Memphis Botanic Gardens - which is low-key one of my favorite places in Memphis to photograph couples. It is breathtaking during any season, offers lots of shade with bursts of light, and truly makes for a beautiful atmosphere!

Aside from the natural beauty of the Gardens, Mary and Sam were an absolute blast to hang out with! Fun fact: Mary, Nathan, and I all went to high school together a few years back - which makes this opportunity even more special! I love nothing more than to see people I grew up with find love and be the happiest versions of themselves. You can tell just by Mary and Sam's interactions together that they make each other genuinely happy which is so refreshing to see not only through the lens, but up close and in person.

Two things that really stood out to me other than their just natural chemistry was Mary's jacket and the story behind her ring! Mary wore a cute little jean jacket from OhSarahJean on Etsy that said Wifey on the back!!! Literally the most perfect accessory for engagement photos! It definitely made me open my Etsy page to look for one for myself lol. Ya know what accessory outshined the jacket though? Her ring!! Sam told us the sweetest story about how Mary's ring contains the stone from his grandmother's ring. That to me is one of the most thoughtful and bold acts of love possible.

From the ring to the jacket to the couple to the place, engagement session part 1 was one for the books. Part 2 took place at Overton Square a couple months later to add a little more pizzaz to their album. While the Gardens are vibrant and filled with greenery, Overton Square helped us take a more modernized approach to the second half of their photos. We took shots in front of brick, color changing lights, rainbow stairs, and sparkly walls to spice things up! Overton Square is truly one of the most diverse places you can take photographs at without having to walk a thousand miles to get to and from.

Along the way we talked wedding planning, best restaurants, and everything in between. It felt like we were catching up with long lost besties. Needless to say, we couldn't ask for a better couple to celebrate and show love to. We cannot wait until June 19th, 2021!!!


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