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Kaitlyn + Parker | South Main Art District | Memphis Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Hello world! It's me again! Today I wanna introduce you guys to some new faces on the blog *drum roll please* Kaitlyn and Parker!!! Ahhhh!

Funny story actually! So we did a giveaway back in 2020 for a free mini-session and Kaitlyn won! We then planned a session for her and her boyfriend in January to kick off 2021 in the best ways possible. Wellllll....let's just say I ended up photographing her and her fiancé instead (;

So excited that the giveaway session could be used to commemorate their sweet their sweet engagement! There is truly nothing better than celebrating life's milestones with photos <3 (I might be a little bias lol)

We celebrated the new year and their new adventure by exploring South Main Art District in Memphis, TN! South Main is one of our favorite places to shoot because of the diversity, the art, and the good vibes all throughout the city. Take a look at some of the spots we found along the way!


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