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Husband & Wife Team Documenting

The Unforgettable

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BN Photo and Video was officially established in 2020, It started out with the idea to make the wedding planning process easier and more streamline.  Instead of booking a separate photographer and videographer with individual contracts and deposits and packages, why not book one team? This simplifies the booking process and ensures two of the most present wedding day vendors will work well together documenting one of the most important days of your life. We don't take this honor lightly, and we cherish every wedding day we have the privilege of being apart of. We promise to photograph and film your wedding day as if it were our own. We will strive to capture the moments we wouldn't want missed, and we will edit your photos and/or film in a way that will accurately reflect you and your partner's most perfect day. While we hope you choose BN to celebrate with you, we can't stress enough how important the photographer/videographer selection is. These two vendors will be with you the most out of any other. It is not only important you are in love with their work, but it is also important that they make you comfortable and your personalities mesh well together. So have the phone calls! Schedule the coffee meetups! It might seem like a lot to talk to a bunch of photographers and videographers on the phone or in-person, but I promise it will provide so much clarity as you choose someone to book.


Now to share a little bit about us so maybe you can have a better idea as to who we are! We have been husband & wife since November 2021. We've known eachother since we were itty bitty freshman in highschool and have been together since 2016. We not only love being together, but we absolutely love working together. While it has its challenges, we could not be more grateful for the career path and passion God has blessed us both with. We are grateful our paths align both personally and professionally. While we are both very business oriented, we are free spirited, fun loving kids at heart. We love watching The Office recap videos, eating our body weight in Hueys cheese fries, and playing with our dogs Gus and Bailey. An ideal day for us would include our families, our dogs, and some sort of coffee in hand lol.




Fun facts:

- Dance teacher <3
- Dr. Pepper and energy drink girly
- Unpopular opinion: thin crust pineapple pizza is elite
- 90s hip hop is my jam

- Fav color is yellow!
- Guilty pleasure is watching Twilight lol
- Hueys cheese fries fanatic

-Not a morning person L O L

-Firm believer that life is too short to take yourself too seriously

-Dog lover




Fun facts:

- Basketball addict
- Marvel/Star Wars/Tech Nerd
- Coffee Connoisseur
- Love a good audio book or podcast

- Rocket League fan
- Most likely quoting some sort of movie
- Also a Hueys cheese fries fanatic

-Hope to one day spread my passion for cinematography into the feature film and tv space

-Also a dog lover



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