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Husband & Wife Team Documenting The Unforgettable

Welcome to BN Photo and Video. Where we document moments in time that might otherwise be forgotten. One of the best things about photos + films is that they are timeless and never-changing. They allow you to remember the moments as they happened, the people as they were, and the emotions as if it was yesterday. We live for the opportunity to capture all of these things for you and your soulmate. If you will allow us the honor, we'd love nothing more than to document your moments!

Wedding Day Films

Encapsulating raw emotion and bringing still images to life. We like to say highlight films are the best thing ya never knew you needed! 

Wedding Day Photos

Oftentimes we are asked if professional photos are worth the investment. In short, the answer is HECK YES!!! Regardless of who you book, make sure you love their work and the person behind the camera. These images will be with you forever. They are what will hang up in your home years from now. They are the photos that will help you remember one of the best days of your life.

This is not just an investment in the photos and film for the present, but in the experience of your wedding day and future proofing your memories. Click below to learn how we can make your wedding day vision come to life. 

Loving Words

"You need to hire Brennley and Nathan to be your wedding photographer and videographer. Their work is the best I’ve ever seen and they are the sweetest people. You won’t regret it, they’re the best!!!"


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