About Your Photographer

The "B" to BN Photo and Video

Hello all! My name is Brennley and I am a Memphis-based photographer specializing in weddings + portraits. I have had a love for the art of photography ever since I was a little girl, and began pursuing it as a career at the age of 18. 5 years later and I am grateful to photograph life's most precious moments full time. I love what I do and the people that I am blessed to serve each day. My #1 goal as your photographer is to make things easier. I am here to help in all ways possible. To me, a photographer is more than someone who holds a camera and presses a button. They are the dress-holder, the drink-getter, the hair-fixer, and everything in between. Our job is to do what we can to capture the shot and make it as seamless as possible along the way.

On a less serious note, I included some fun facts about me below so you can get to know the crazy lady behind the camera a little better (;




Fun Facts:

1. I am a graduate from the University of Memphis with a bachelors in Marketing

2. I l-o-v-e thin crust pineapple pizza lol

3. Top 3 fav tv shows: The Office, One Tree Hill, and Vampire Diaries

4. I am a hip-hop and jazz dance teacher!

5. I am terrible at sports lol


6. I am a huge dog lover!!!

7. Guacamole from Babalu is my jam!

8. Our lead videographer Nathan is my fiancé (;

9. We are getting married in Nov. 2021!

10. Yellow is my fav color!!!